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Hello! Welcome to my portfolio! I am a DePaul University graduate with a MEd degree in Secondary Education. As a licensed arts educator for K-12th grade students, I hope to implement an integrated arts curriculum that will provide the necessary tools to build, improve, and strengthen communities. Foundational skills in the arts have the power to get important messages out and to bring people together. Some of these tools include critical thinking, problem solving, and learning to collaborate with others. All of which help to strengthen self awareness, self identity, and self respect through creative expression and joy. I will always advocate for the arts in the school curriculum and in my community, because it will benefit the future of all community members. 

Here you will find samples of teaching and learning in the arts, as well as images of my professional work as a practicing artist. 

Inspirational Quote

“The artist who paints the emotions creates an enclosed world... the picture... which, like a book, has the same interest no matter where it happens to be. Such an artist, we may imagine, spends a great deal of time doing nothing but looking, both around him and inside him.” –Pierre Bonnard

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